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Buildings, Contents and Equipment

Q. What should I consider, when taking out insurance for our Girlguiding Unit’s property and equipment?
A. To help you through the process, click here for the main things you should consider, when taking out an insurance policy for your property and equipment.

Q. My building does not meet the protection requirements. Does that mean I can’t insure it.
A. Not necessarily. You should discuss options with your personal Account Handler.

Q. My building has been damaged. Do I have to wait for approval before arranging repairs?
A. Generally, yes, but if delaying repairs could lead to further damage, you may arrange for immediate ‘first aid’ repairs at the insurers expense.

Q. We want to let a playgroup use our building. Would this affect our insurance cover?

A. No. See the information published under the ‘Useful Information’ section of this web site.

Q. We have some very old bell tents which are in excellent condition, but which are no longer manufactured. Does that mean that we can’t insure them?
A. No, you should insure them at a value equivalent to the nearest suitable alternative, such as a patrol tent.

Q. We had a patrol tent destroyed by fire, and would like to replace it with two or three smaller tents to the same value. Is this allowed?
A. You are insuring the actual patrol tent, not its monetary value so the answer is, strictly, no. However, your personal Account Handler would be happy to discuss your requirements with insurers and arrangements can usually be made.

Which to choose, Contents/Equipment or All Risks

Q Does the Contents/Equipment section cover our camping equipment in transit and at camp?
A Yes, under the Contents/Equipment section, your equipment is covered against all risks in transit and the specified perils whilst at camp.

Q Is there a limit on the number of addresses which can be listed under the Contents/Equipment section?
A No, you can list any number of addresses, but you must state approximate amounts in each.

Q Can private homes be specified under the Contents/Equipment section?
A Yes, but you must make it clear whether the equipment is in the house or an adjacent building.

Q Most of our equipment is tentage. However, we have just been given a computer, can we insure this?
A Yes, you can insure the tentage under either section, but the computer would be insured under the All Risks section.

Q We currently insure under the Contents/Equipment section. We have a marquee which we intend to offer on hire to other organisations. How should it be covered?
A The marquee should be insured under the All Risks section. The additional cost could be offset in the hire charge and this is safer than relying on the hirer to effect his own cover.

Q We note the Contents/Equipment section covers equipment in the UK. We intend to go abroad next year. Does this mean we should insure under the All Risks section now, to cover the equipment in Europe?
A No, you can continue to insure under the Contents/Equipment section. A short period extension to the All Risks section can be arranged to cover camps abroad.

Q We insure under the Contents/Equipment section. Can we lend our equipment to a neighbouring guiding unit?
A No. The Contents/Equipment section only covers equipment used by the insured guiding unit. If you lend equipment, you must either insure under the All Risks section or ask the borrower to effect short period insurance.

Money Cover

Q. The money insurance cover says the maximum limit is £3,000, but our summer fete carries more than that.
A. Higher limits can be arranged with the insurers, for specific events. Contact your personal Account Handler.

Cancellation Cover

Q. If we insure our summer fete, can we claim if we cancel it on the morning of the day, due to sever weather?
A. Yes, if in the organisers opinion, the weather is too bad to make the event possible.

Q. If we decide to pack up early, because no one is there, can we claim?
A. That would depend on circumstance. If the lack of attendance is due to nothing more than lack of attraction or poor advertising, no. If, however, severe weather causes you to abandon the event half way through the day, yes.

Q. We were relying on a celebrity appearance and because they didn’t turn up, the public stayed away. Can we claim?
A. No. The cover does not include non appearance of celebrities. If this is a critical factor in your event, you may need more specialist cover. Contact your personal Account Handler.

Travel Cover

Q. Do I have to declare pre existing medical conditions?
A. When providing travel insurance we assume that everyone is fit and healthy when booking and up until the date of travel. If anyone travelling has any of the following, you will need to complete a medical form for each person.
• Stroke, heart condition or circulatory disorder
• Cancer of any type
• Any mental nervous, depressive or stress related condition
• A slipped disc, other spinal disorder, diabetes, hernia or rheumatic or arthritic condition
• Any other injury or illness that has required treatment or investigation in the last two years.

Click here to download the medical questionnaire for trips oveseas.

Click here to download the declaration of health form for trips in the UK.

Otherwise providing your doctor says it is OK for you to travel, you do not need to declare any other conditions.

Q. Will my claim for a stolen camera be rejected if I have not reported it to the local Police?
A. No, providing that your party leader or another adult can verify the theft.

Q. If I am ill and attend hospital, will I have to pay for the treatment and then claim when I return to the UK?
A. Generally, no. If anyone requires emergency medical or dental treatment abroad, you should immediately contact the emergency service provider. The insurer’s medical helpline should then be informed. They will help you through the claims process and help to get the injured party home at the earliest opportunity.

Miscellaneous Motor Cover

Q. We have an old Transit van which is used to collect jumble around our area and to take kit to camp. How should we insure it.
A. It can be insured in a number of ways, depending on its age and value. If it has little financial value, it could be insured for third party risks only . Younger vehicles may have residual value and might be worth insuring for fire and theft risks as well. Alternatively, it can be insured comprehensively.

Q. We have a small ‘sit and ride’ mower. How should we insure this?
A. Whilst small and slow, sit and ride mowers are vehicles and can cause injury, loss or damage to people and property (including other vehicles). For example, from their blades sending small stones flying. As a minimum, you need third party cover but, given their value and how attractive they are to thieves, we would recommend fully comprehensive cover.

Q. We have an old tractor, which is used around the campsite. Can we let any member of the service crew drive it?
A. Our insurance normally limits cover to any person over 25 years of age, although you may nominate younger drivers (for example, a young warden). Remember to make sure that drivers have adequate training on such vehicles!

Q. Our tractor tows a grass cutting machine. Is that covered?
A. The third party liability risks associated with the grass cutting attachment would be covered but for loss or damage risks, you would need to declare the cutter and its value.